Vacancy - Contract Engineer - HSM Aero Bristol


To provide customer quotations in a timely manner that are accurate and aligned to business profitability targets, creating a structure within the ERP Systems that enables the parts/processes to be correctly manufactured in accordance with business processes applicable standards, legislation/ regulations, specification, quotation and customer requirements.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Source and cost material, parts (manufactured \ purchased), tools, equipment and processes (internal \ external) based on best quality, cost and delivery performance in support of quotations. 
  • Prepare and submit quotations in a timely manner that are accurate and aligned to business capacity (lead-times) and financial (profitability) performance targets.
  • Create ERP system data \ records (PDM – product data management) in support of quotations that enable parts and processes to be correctly executed in accordance with customer \ quotation requirements and be analyzed for efficiency (set-up\ cycle times) and profitability (standard costing data) performance.
  • Complete a contract review process in accordance to AS9100 rev D
  • Maintain RFQ records to enable analysis, follow-up and workload management of quotations.
  • Review and follow-up completed quotations with customers to maximize quotation win rate performance and RFQ continuous improvement activities.
  • Provide engineering support to ensure parts and processes are executed in accordance with product specifications, quotation and customer requirements.
  • Support and execute business management systems and continuous improvement activities, processes and objectives aligned to the business strategy, providing information concerning business and process performance.
If you would like to become part of the HSM Aero team, email with your CV.