CNC Milling & Turning


HSM Aero has a team of highly skilled engineers with decades of experience. Our UK based manufacturing site utilises precise milling from machines such as Haas and Matsuura. This allows us to achieve tight tolerances on your work, usually achieving +/- 0.02mm on complex geometries. We regularly mill ferrous and non-ferrous materials including aluminum, steel, copper, titanium and bronze.

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5 axis milling

Our 5 axis machines offer unparalleled possibilities and effectiveness. Our engineering solutions mean we can overcome even the most complex of technical challenges to meet your product needs

3 axis milling

3 axis machining implies the workpiece remains in the same position while the cutting tool operates along the XYZ plane to trim away material in a reductive process. This is suitable for parts that don’t require a lot of depth and detailing.


CNC turning

Star machines are renowned for their production efficiency and stable cutting capability, often finishing parts in one setup, with a highly accurate and repeatable machining process. Our CNC turning cell can produce functional parts, commonly with cylindrical features, axial and radial holes, flats, grooves, and slots.


Quality at our core


As part of its AS9100(D) and ISO9001:2015 Certification, HSM Aero offers a full suite of product inspection services of any aspect of CNC machined parts and sheet metal fabrications, including all secondary services such as assemblies, welding, treatment and paint. 


    HSM Aero are part of the SA Group, a leading independent provider of aviation support services to customers in the UK, Europe and around the world.

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