Fabrication Services


HSM Aero has invested in an expansive sheet metal workshop offering a number of fabrication services, producing single detail parts up to large multi-level assemblies. Our team of skilled engineers have years of experience in all forms of sheet metal fabrication processes.

laser cutting

Our fiber laser cutting system offers ultra-high-speed processing and high flexibility. Electra is designed to cut as fast as the thermal process allows and is able to process a wide range of materials

manual process

Where laser cutting is not applicable, our skilled engineers make use of manual process machines for things like holes, slots and grooves. All materials are carefully reviewed to ensure things like tensile strength or hardness are factored in before production, making sure that your product performs as expected.


The in-house welding team at HSM Aero comprises an extensive range of material welding capabilities. Our MIG and TIG welding team receive continuous training to maintain their exceptional level of work. While each process has its advantages, our welders maintain a number of skill sets allowing us to easily accommodate a variety of different projects.


As part of our subcontract CNC machining service, we are also available to offer part or full assembly of your components delivered directly to you, or your end customer. All of our fully assembled components are delivered with the same meticulous attention to detail as our precision machined components ensuring your final product is fit for purpose and ready to use.

Whether its the simple installation of threaded inserts, more extensive mechanical sub-assembly work, kitting or full product supply, our team of experienced engineers ensure high levels of quality, reliability and consistency for all assembly projects.

Quality at our core


As part of its AS9100(D) and ISO9001:2015 Certification, HSM Aero offers a full suite of product inspection services of any aspect of CNC machined parts and sheet metal fabrications, including all secondary services such as assemblies, welding, treatment and paint. 


    HSM Aero are part of the SA Group, a leading independent provider of aviation support services to customers in the UK, Europe and around the world.

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